“Creating a Sense of Preparedness”in maintaining compliance requirements with Federal and State employment law (and more) 
                                                                             Although the Bizkeys website is available and of considerable value to businesses of all industry sectors it does, in application, best serve the Hospitality Industry because of its focus on laws enforced by the Wage & Hour division of the US Department of Labor, (primarily the Fair Labor Standards Act).  This focus is best summed up by the following comments of Morris Jennings, Retired Enforcement Officer with DOL/WHD :

“Employers in the hospitality industry are dealing with complex FLSA compliance issues (e.g.,  tipped employee provisions, service charges, and the effects of both overtime computation methodology).  These employers are also much more vulnerable to an investigation by the WHD or litigation by the DOL or plaintiffs’ attorneys than are employers in most  industries.

Further, the FLSA is not their only problem, as the industry must be concerned about other WHD laws, ERISA, THE OSH Act (OSHA), and other employment laws.

Compliance with I-9 requirements is a priority and USCIS enforcement is disruptive.  Hospitality-industry employers will do themselves a favor by becoming as well educated as possible about these obligations… BizKeys is a very helpful resource in this regard.

Your challenges are demanding and there is no forgiveness when you fail in maintaining compliance with a multitude of employment laws (state and federal).  A good starting point is to ask and find the answer to this question…How can I maintain compliance and properly train my management staff unless I know what it is that I am required to comply with?  I know the answer to that question and I hope you will come to the same conclusion…BizKeys 


Jack Hobbs, President BIZKEYS LLC