The BIZKEYS website is a self help, easy to use resource, designed to help your company achieve and maintain compliance with state and federal employment law.  The website incorporates a deliberate focus on laws enforced by the Wage and Hour Division of the US Department of Labor because approximately 72 percent of employment violation results from non compliance of these laws, primarily the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)…”pay/wage issues”

The website is a combination of legal information (the laws, statutes, regulations, rules, executive orders and state law) located in the REFERENCE section and process tools such as found in the HIRING CENTER, DESIGN SHOP and SELF AUDIT sections that makes the BIZKEYS website dynamic and unique in its ability to help users quickly and easily find the answers they need to solve day to day employment law issues as well as providing training information for managers and supervisors.

There are process tools to aid in creating customized policies that can be assembled in an employee handbook.

The Hiring Center gets most of the wows, and rightfully so.  It gives users the ability to create and take advantage of all the benefits of having on- line hiring capability, such as, creating your company job listing board, screening applicants with a state of the art applicant search and screening system, along with many other great features, designed to help you find the best applicant for job openings while maintain compliance in your hiring process.

To learn more about the website please click the EXPLORE OUR RESOURCES tab located at the top left of this page and view the video tutorials provided in the four pages of our marketing section.